Instagram Roundup – September 2015

September 28, 2015
The Fashion Brief fashion blog women's work clothes pink pleated skirt

Well I thought it was about time to do a round-up of everything I’ve been posting on instagram that hasn’t quite made it to the blog. Here are some outfits from the past few weeks.  The icons in each picture are stoppable links!  Xo, AL

 [show_ms_widget id=”26325804″ image_id=”28316068″ width=”1997″ height=”2000″] [show_ms_widget id=”26325982″ image_id=”28316296″ width=”960″ height=”1280″] [show_ms_widget id=”26325826″ image_id=”28316098″ width=”861″ height=”861″] [show_ms_widget id=”26326264″ image_id=”28316596″ width=”1850″ height=”1850″] [show_ms_widget id=”26326278″ image_id=”28316628″ width=”960″ height=”960″] [show_ms_widget id=”26326290″ image_id=”28316640″ width=”1988″ height=”1988″] [show_ms_widget id=”26326308″ image_id=”28316674″ width=”1730″ height=”1730″] [show_ms_widget id=”26326354″ image_id=”28316712″ width=”960″ height=”960″]

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