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steve madden gucci dupes
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Steve Madden Gucci Dupes – How do they do it?

Like many other 20-something fashionistas, when Gucci came out with their new mules with fur (here, here), I was obsessed and wanted them more than anything.  However, I did NOT want to pay the $1000 to get them.  Lucky for me, Steve Madden came…

February 20, 2017
fashion law
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This Week in Fashion Law

We have had some crazy and surprising fashion law headlines this week so I wanted to take a minute to talk about two of them with y’all. First, and definitely most disturbing, Zara got sued this week…but the reason why is probably not what you…

November 16, 2016
long tassel earrings ella & cooper top

Jimmy Choo Lawsuit (& a patterned midi skirt)

If you think you hate your boss, did you hear about Tamara Mellon (the co-founder of Jimmy Choo who left the company in 2011)? In a simplified nutshell, Tamara Mellon filed a lawsuit against Jimmy Choo, and she alleges that Jimmy Choo is damaging her brand and…

September 15, 2016
disclosing social media advertising kardashians and jenners

Disclosing Social Media Advertising & The Kardashians and Jenners

Image Credit ( Remember that time I went on a little rant about the importance of disclosing blog advertising in your posts (You can find that post here)?  Well, it’s no surprise that the issue has come up again, and this time the Kardashians…

August 31, 2016
DVF dress daniel wellington watch kate spade bracelet baublebar choker lafayette 148 new york white bag

DVF & Disclosing Blog Advertising and Sponsorship

I follow tons of blogger on social media. I love seeing their creativity, style, and supporting them in their journey.  But there is one thing that drives me crazy – when bloggers don’t disclose when they are getting paid for the post. I don’t…

July 25, 2016