The Easiest Last Minute Halloween Costume Ever

October 29, 2015

If any of you are procrastinators when it comes to Halloween costumes (I’m totally guilty), you’re in luck.  I have the easiest last minute Halloween costume ever.  Seriously, you can most likely put this together with stuff you already have in your closet!

Who watches The Leftovers?  It’s an…interesting show.  I go between loving it and hating it weekly, mainly because I’m so confused about what is happening most of the time (but I will obviously continue to watch it because, duh, Justin Theroux).  If you don’t watch it, there was this sudden “departure” of hundreds of millions of people.  One minute they were eating cereal, doing dishes, working, playing, etc., and the next minute all of these people just disappeared.  Out of the leftovers there’s this group of people called the Guilty Remnant.  They don’t speak at all, they smoke a ton of cigarettes, and dress in all white.  Easiest costume ever, just throw on some white jeans (like this destroyed Current/Elliot pair) and a white sweatshirt (like this Topshop 90’s style) and grab a pen and paper (or if you’re feeling fancy make a sign) and you’re ready to go!  Happy Halloween!!!! Xo, AL




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