Fashion Law Update – Victoria’s Secret Pays & Instagram Changes

June 14, 2017

Hey y’all!  A few articles have caught my eye recently so I thought I’d give y’all a little fashion law update.


Instagram heard what the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has had to say and is finally introducing a feature that will help influencers, celebs, and famous pets disclose when their posts are sponsored (looking at you, flat tummy tea “drinkers”).

For some background info on disclosures, see these posts: here, here.  

The feature will allow users to add a “paid partnership with” label above the picture (and also on insta stories!).  Of course, it’s not automatically added, but at least when users do add it, it will be “clear and conspicuous”…and (hopefully) get rid of “#spon” forever.


Victoria’s Not-So-Secret Settlement

It was finally pay day for some Victoria’s Secret current and former employees.  Two plaintiffs, on behalf of themselves and a class of current and former VS employees, filed a lawsuit in California in August 2014 alleging that Vicki’s failed to adequately pay clerks as a result of its policy of “call-in” shifts.

Apparently Vicki’s had 2 types of shifts: traditionally scheduled shifts and mandatory on-call shifts (on-call employees would have to call their manager about 2 hours before the start of their shift to see if they’d need to come in that day; if he/she didn’t have to, he/she wasn’t owed “reporting time pay”).  The Plaintiffs contended that under California law, they were owed pay for this type of mandatory on-call shift.

Well Victoria’s Secret has agreed to a $12 million settlement (keep in mind that there were thousands of clerks that were part of the class of plaintiffs).  More on Law360.

Xo, AL

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